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I am Addicted to MineCraft =O

I bought minecraft about 2 days ago and i am addicted. Its so addicting to just collect minerals and create stuff. By the way i hate creepers. They blew me up multiple times >:(. Seriously try it its awesome


Heard of Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game where you are an island. You need to build shelter and weapons to defend from the evil zombies and skeletons who want to kill you.  For 20 dollars this is awesome. Webiste HERE

Tritton Headsets are Better

Some nice guy at Best Buy told me that Turtle Beach headsets suck because they suck up batterys super fast. Even though Trittons are wired, they are a lot better.


Everyone is fighting over which is better: COD or Halo.  They are BOTH fun in there own ways! Just stop debating about it, they are both good!

Little N00Bs Playing M Rated Games

I’ve been playing Halo Reach for about 3 weeks now, and SOOOOOOOOO many little 5 year olds play.  Little n00bs….


If you are really bored you should try this game