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Its Me As A South Park Character!


I Has Teh Updated Teh Site

Teh blog has been updated for January/Febuary so check out the new poll,fail,and lolcat

Battle of Motion Controllers

Last year Microsoft and Sony released their versions of the Wii’s motion controller.  I’m going to tell you which is better and why.  First, ill talk about the PS Move.  This is bacily a rip off of the Wii with fancier graphics.  The ‘motion control’ does not work at ALL. I move my arm to the left and the person on screen stutters their arm to the RIGHT.  As you might realize, PS Move sucks.  Now, on to the Kinect.  This is a very fresh new thing that is really cool. Don’t listen to those trolls who say there’s lag.  Theres no lag.  I have to admit though that the launch games are not that good.  I think that game developers will make some really good games with this technology.  Winner: Kinect

Epic Dog


I Got Stuck

I am Addicted to MineCraft =O

I bought minecraft about 2 days ago and i am addicted. Its so addicting to just collect minerals and create stuff. By the way i hate creepers. They blew me up multiple times >:(. Seriously try it its awesome

Heard of Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game where you are an island. You need to build shelter and weapons to defend from the evil zombies and skeletons who want to kill you.  For 20 dollars this is awesome. Webiste HERE

Troll Win

An Epic Face